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Tell us about your experience during the Covid-19 pandemic!

Twelve universities in countries across the globe have come together to find out what works – and what doesn’t work – to prevent and treat Covid-19. This research is funded by the National Institute of Health Research in the UK and Antenna Foundation in Switzerland. We have no funding or links with private companies.

We need to learn from your experience!

We are interested in replies from people from all ages, whether you are at low risk or high risk from Covid-19, and whether or not you have had symptoms of Covid-19. Whatever age you are, whether or not you have any long-standing health problem, please complete the questionnaire.

What have you done to prevent yourself from catching Covid-19? Has it worked?

If you became ill, what did you do? Did it work? Whether you have used conventional medication, alternative medicines, herbs, vitamins, special diet, sports activity or no treatment, we are interested in your experience.


Your answers, combined with those from thousands of other people, will help to understand which preventive measures and treatments work - and which don’t.

The questions will take 7-25 minutes to complete – if you are willing, please click below:

Why this survey?

Covid-19 is new, so we need to learn from everyone’s experiences. There are so many things we need to understand, for example:

  • Why do some people develop serious illness while others don’t?

  • Which preventive measures work?

  • Which treatments work - and which don’t?

Why taking part?

Everyone’s experience is helpful! The more people answer, the more we will be able to find out about the best ways to prevent and treat Covid-19.

It will be really helpful to hear about the views and experiences of people aged above 65 or at increased risk for any reason (for example if they have asthma, diabetes or high blood pressure). If you have an older relative or friend who is willing to share their views but would not be able to complete the survey by themselves, then please assist them to complete the questions (after speaking to them). Afterwards, you could also complete the survey for yourself if you have time.

How long?

The questions will take 7-25 minutes to complete. Before you start, please find your diary and any medicines which you took for any recent coughs or fevers, as you will need to answer questions about these

Is my data safe?

The survey is anonymous. You do not need to give any details about your name, address, email or phone number.

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